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O.C. Mix 4 - Cartwheels (Reindeer Section)

My wounds are nicely salted dear

I never got to thank you right

I was finished way before I could see

Quite what you had in mind for me

I'm doing cartwheels

Now the pessimism in me yawns

As I'm pissing on their perfect front lawns

A voice calls out behind my back

and i take off into the grounds

I'm doing Cartwheels

It'll all tie me up into knots

I didn't mean to speak out of turn

Now you can sit and watch me squirm

now the party's really in full swing

I wish i had a friend I could bring

I'm doing cartwheels

You're really loving this aren't you dear

Now you've got me on the ropes out here

With nowhere else to run to now

Just stay and face the music

It'll all tie me up into knots
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