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Osmosis Jones - Why Did You Have To Be (Debelah Morgan)

When I held you, it was something

That was nothing much to me

I was in it for the moment

Wanted someone touching me

And I didn't want to fall in love


So why did you have to be

So beautiful, so good to me

When I was only looking for

Someone to hold just for a while?

Why did I have to see your smile?

Why did you have to be

The one who stayed in all my dreams

When I was needing nothing more

Than someone to kiss, to hold in the night?

Why did you have to be so right?

When you touched me, it was something

Like your touch that I hadn't known

I could feel it in a moment

Like your touch had, baby, touched my soul

And I didn't want to fall in love

(Repeat chorus)


Why did you have to say

The words that took my breath away?

I was doing good

I was doing just fine

Being free

(Repeat chorus)

Oh, baby, oh

So beautiful

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