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Parade - Big News!


Big news!

Another week goes by in Atlanta!

Another fascinating, scintillating, stimulating, spirit-stirring week!

Big news!

Another Sunday comes to Atlanta!

Another week of news so thrilling

That your average city newshound

Wants to take a flying jump into the creek!

You got a kitten up a tree?

Well come to me! And I'll see

It makes it on the front page!

They mayors mother broke her toe?

They gotta know!

Stop the press! It's a mess

It's the scandal of the age!

Hell, it's Big News

Another shock to rockIn Atlanta!

Another Information feast

From the gateway to the whole Southeast!

Look! In the mines and the mills

And the Mexican hills, they got stories to tell

Look! Now Ohio's afloat

Soon the women will vote, and we'll all go to Hell

Look! Now that Wilson is in

And old Taft didn't win, Hell, they're comin' to blows!

Look! The Titanic went down

But I'm stuck in this town with my thumb up my nose

And that's Big New!

Another stir-crazy freak in Atlaaaaaaaaanta

The board of Estimates's approved a new street! (Yippee!)

They're building churches out of high-grade concrete! (Looka that!)

They say the rain'll give a break from the heat!

It's a scoop! It's a twist!

It's a reason to exist!

Pray to Heaven! Pray to Zeus!

There's a genius on the loose!

And that's really really really Big News!

You never saw such things in Atlanta!

Another Brilliant mind deceased

In the gateway to the whole Southeast!

What a town!
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