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Parade - Do It Alone


Do it alone, Leo - do it all by yourself.

You're the only one who matters after all.

Do it alone, Leo - why should it bother me?

I'm just good for standing in the shadows

And staring at the walls, Leo.

Fight them, strong and proud -

Pray your voice is loud,

Loud enough to make it through that door.

What on earth have I been worried for?

Soon I won't be worried anymore.


Lucille, how can you say that?


No, do it alone, Leo - now there's the right idea:

Make me feel as useless as you always have.

Do it alone, Leo - what could a woman do?

After all, so many people love you,

They're dancing in the streets, Leo.

Only you know how

To change the future now -

No one knows the pain you're going through -

No one else is suffering but you.

I could be a quiet little girl

And cook your little meal,

And swallow all I feel,

And bow to your command;

Or I could start to screa,

Across the whole damned South

And never shut my mouth

Until they understand.

But I can't do it alone, Leo.

Look at me now, Leo.

I can be more:

I can bring you home, Leo.

We can bring you home, Leo.

I want you to come home
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