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Parade - How Can I Call This Home


Today we honor those who honored us some fifty years ago.

Lose who gave life and limb for Georgia.

And suffered unimaginable degredation. But never defeat.

The men of Georgia, and the women of Georgia have never been defeated...


I go to bed at night

Hoping when I wake

This will all be gone

Like it was just a dream

And I'll be home again

Back again in Brooklyn

Back with people who look like I do

And talk like I do

And think like I do

But then

The sun rises in Atlanta again...


They have risen from the ashes of war with honor and courage and strength!


These people make me tense

I live in fear they'll start a conversation

These people make no sense

They talk and I just stare and shut my mouth

It's like a foreign land

I didn't understand

That being Southern's not just being in the South

Whan I look out on all this

How can I call this Home?

SLATON: I am proud to be a Georgian on this day


These men belong in zoos


Excuse me! Sorry! Get your souveneirs!

Watch your step sir


It's like they've never joined civilization


Where's the fella with the beer!

Mamma that man pushed me!

Lucinda! Hey now, fella!


The Jews are not like Jews

I thought that Jews were Jews

But I was wrong


You got ballons? I want one!

Settle down... I never in my life!

I'll take a beer!

That Slaton's handsome...


I thought I would be fine

But four years down the line

With ev'ry word it's very clear

I don't belong


La la la in the land o' cotton


I don't cuss, I don't drawl

So how can I call this home?

SLATON: Proud that our state is growing and building!


Home calls, and I'm free of the Southern breeze

Free of magnolia trees and endless sunshine!

Evermore lives the dream of Atlanta

But not mine!

Not mine


We stand together

In this great state of Georgia


A Yankee with a college education

Who by his own design

Is trapped inside the land

That time forgot


Strong and proud


I'm trapped inside this life

And trapped beside a wife

Who would prefer that I said "Howdy" not "Shalom"

Well I'm sorry Lucille

But I feel what I feel

And this place is surreal

So How can I call this home!
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