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Parade - Leo At Work/what Am I Waiting For?


Strong and Sure is the dream of Atlanta

Where Her Brothers are unified!


Twenty-eight bottles of caps

At four dollars the gross

This is wrong, this is wrong

I can fix this, wait

Nine more boxes in back

Twenty-eight minus nine,

And then thirty-one girls on the line..


Suit and a Tie...

Terribly quiet...

Quite a well-paid position

"Go on Lucille

Bring him his coffee.."


Times six, one eighty-six

Divide... seven sixty

God, all the noise, and on "Yontiff" yet...

Four cents a girl for the week

At ten cents an hour


Straight from New York, Lucille!

Isn't he smart, Lucille!

Mama, he's comin' around today

Mama, he's at the door!

Mama, I don't know what I should say

"Well what are you waitin' for Lucille?"

What am I waiting for?


This is wrong, this is wrong, it's an eight, not a six


House and a maid

Two sets of china

Everything I ws wishin'

New winter coat

Real ermine collar

Who would have known Lucille?

Married so well Lucille?

How can he want me, so plain, so prim?

How can he be so sure?

Don't I wish I could be sure like him?

Like Leo?


Yes Lucille, I am building a life for us



No Lucille, we cannot have a picnic


Didn't my wishes come true for me

The day he walked throught the door?

Isn't he all that I knew he'd be?

Brilliant and filled with humility?

Loyal and stable as any tree?

So why do I wait for more?

What am I waiting for?


Twenty-tree cartons of leads

At two-sixty the gross

This is wrong, this is wrong

I can fix this...



MARY: I came for my pay.

LEO: Name?

MARY: Mary Phagan
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