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Parade - Leo's Statement: "it's Hard To Speak My Heart"


It's hard to speak my heart.

I'm not a man who bares his soul.

I let the moment pass me by -

I stay where I am in control.

I hide behind my work,

Safe and sure of what to say:

I know I must seem hard,

I know I must seem: cold.

I never touched that girl -

You think I'd hurt a child, yes?

I'd hardly seen her face before -

I swear - I swore we'd barely met.

These people try to scare you

With things I've never said.

I know it makes no sense.

I swear I don't know why:

You see me as I am - You can't believe I'd lie -

You can't believe I'd do these deeds -

A little man who's scared and blind,

Too lost to find the words he needs.

I never touched that child -

God - I never raised my hand!

I stand before you now:

Incredibly afraid.

I pray you understand.
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