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Parade - Letter To The Governor



I have heard them in the streets, Gov'nor.

"Justice! We have justice!"

Through these old and tired walls.

Calling through the autumn night

That still more blood must flow

And I declared it so.

And maybe I was wrong.

Maybe what was "obvious" then

Would not have been for long,

But I would not delay.

And maybe I was right -

Maybe I'm afraid that in a

Higher Judge's sight,

I won't know what to say:

So before I leave this world behind,

I have to speak my mind.

With hatred in the air,

How is any man to know

What is or isn't fair?

I left it up to Fate.

It now may be too late:

They'll be caling out to you, Gov'nor.

You will know what's right to do.
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