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Parade - My Child Will Forgive Me


Mrs. Phagan, can you describe for us,

please ma'am, the outfit your daughter Mary wore to town last Memorial Day?


It was her Easter Sunday outfit - the little lavender cotton pongee dress I made her,

a straw hat with a parasol to match, white stockings, her party shoes.

DORSEY (holding a small pile of torn, ruined clothes)

Would these be the clothes?


My child will forgive me for raisin' her poor,

And for takin' her out of the school.

My child will forgive me for not doin' more

To protect her from men who are cruel,

And my child will forgive me for closin' my eyes

To the dangers of growing too fast.

My child will forgive me with tears in her eyes

When we're reunited at last.

My child will be safe in the arms of the Lord,

And as pure as the day of her birth.

My child will be cozied and blessed and adored

As she never could be here on Earth.

And my child will be watchin' me, givin' me faith

In a future that's golden and new.

My Mary will teach me to open my heart,

And so I forgive you, Jew.
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