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Parade - Pretty Music


A political tea dance at the Governor's mansion.


(dancing with his wife)

Don't ya think that's pretty music?

Those fellas sure can play.

This beat was really made for dancin'.

Yes, ma'am, that's pretty music.

I could dance the night away.

You can hear that song's so sweet and true,

But truth to tell, not half as sweet as you.

(changes partners, dances with a contributor's wife, who is nervous and a little stiff)

Don't you think that's pretty music?

This song sure makes you smile.

Shame you don't visit here more often.

Yes, ma'am that's pretty music -

Just listen for a while -

If your feet don't follow your commands,

Just put yourself in ol' Jack Slaton's hands.

(His next partner is quite a dancer)

That's it! That's right!

I found myself a partner who knows my style!

That's it! That's right!

A beautiful lady to dance awhile!

Seems you know what I need,

I'll even take your lead -

We're dancin', yes indeed!

We're so light on our feet, we could dance for miles!

So don'tcha stop that pretty music!

Sure makes me feel alive!

If I can dance with your today,

Who cares what all those folks will say?

Your husband's fine, it's true,

But I'm the lucky guy who gets to dance with you,

So turn an ankle and let the music play!

(His next partner is Lucille)
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