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Parade - The Old Red Hills Of Home


Farewell, my Lila

I'll write every evening

I've carved our names

In the trunk of this tree

Farewell, my Lila

I miss you already

And dream of the day

When I'll hold you again

In a home safe from fear

When the Southland is free

I go to fight for these old hills behind me

These Old Red Hills of Home

I go to fight, for these old hills remind me

Of a way of life that's pure

Of the truth that must endure

In a town called Marietta

In the Old Red Hills of Home

Pray on this day as I journey beyond them

These Old Red Hills of Home

Let all the blood of the North spill upon them

'Till they've paid for what they've wrought

Taken back the lies they've taught

And there's peace in Marietta

And we're safe again in Georgia

In the land where Honor lives and breathes

The Old Red Hills of Home


Look there, My Lila

They call me to tell it

The lives that we led

When the Southland was free

We gave our lives for the old hills of Georgia

The Old Red Hills of Home

Not much survives of the old hills of Georgia

But I close my eyes and hear

All the treasures we held dear

The rushing of the Chattahoochie

The rustling in the wind

And Mama in the kitchen singin'

And me and Lila swinging in a tre


The tall pines and the red clay

The blue skies and the dogwood trees

A man can grow his cotton

And his crops


Oh I hear it calling, calling




And I would gladly give

My good right leg Again




God Bless the sight

Of the old hills of Georgia

The Old Red Hills of Home

(Kneel Down to)

Praise those who'd fight

For the Old Hills of Georgia

For those proud and valiant men

We'll sing "Dixie" once again

For the men of Marrietta

For the the brothers of Cobb County

For the fathers of atlanta

For the patriarchs

Who gave everything for Georgia

And the Old Red Hills of Home
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