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Ragazze Nel Pallone - Till Say So (3LW)

[1] - I can tell that you're feelin' me

And from the corner of my eye

I see you checkin' me

But boy you better take it slow

Cuz you can't pass go, 'til I say so

[Repeat 1]

When you made your move

I knew it was on

Tried to turn me out

With your looks and charm

Guess you thought that

You had this one won

You guessed it wrong

Cuz the game just begun

[2] - Do I look like I was born yesterday?

Better find another girl to play

I must admit your game was kinda slick

This time you met your match, I'm up on it

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]

Wanna take some time

And feel things out

Stakes are high

And I got some doubts

Pressure's on

Things are touch and go

Should I raise you one?

Or should I lay low?

[Repeat 2]

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]


Yo baby, you dangerous

You and your crew wanna hang with us?

Maybe, but you be actin' so shady

You done picked the wrong ladies

It's Keelay, T and AG

Baby, you feelin' that? (uh-huh)

You wanna bring it back? (uh-huh)

You ain't gettin' that

I'm sayin' though, no one goes 'til I say so

Take a step back and lay low

Little women get them pesos from the stage shows, whoa

You don't know? Now you do

I'm tellin' you stand off

I'm sorry, cut your plans off

Look all you want but hands off, uh

[Repeat 1 to fade]
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