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Shark Tale - Digits (Fan_3)


Hey-Whats Up-Hey

Just In Case/Cheak My Pace

I rock this place/So I'm in your face

Cause I got what it takes

I wanna see you back up

Don't clean your act up

Walkin' like I own it

Now I clean the crap up

Do it/ Groove it/ Come on gotta move it

I can see you looking

And the calender needs booking

I know you wanna talk

Come before I walk

Get it right player cream of the crop

I'm having fun you're the one

So lets start dancing cancel all your plans

And just let me know witch way you wanna go

I got crazy flow its a real big blow

And if you got rythum and your out to kill 'em

Just feel the feeling cause your real appealing

Everybody's dancing making plans and

Slip me a napkin but now get to clapping


Hey Papa Can I Get Them Digits

Papa Can I Get Them Digits

Hi Papa Can I Get Them Digits

Papa Can I Get Them Digits [repeat]

Hey-Whats Up-Hey

Let me in show that skin I can see you grin

Your smiling within cause you know I'm a sin

How I look/ How I talk

Your heart when I stole it

Now let me consoul it

You fold it around me

Move on the down BEAT

Thank God you found ME

I'm glad you don't hound me

Hocas Pocas I am the focas

Most guys chasin me like locas

And you keep your distance you don't loose persistence

I'm feeling what your feeling

Jump up and hit the ceiling

I don't know what to think

You're buying me a drink

Girl's hearts sink while I'm pretty in pink

But I see You smile your worth my while

Want you to a file to add to the pile

So before we go to the bridgits It's nessisary you give me your



Hey-What's Up-Hey

[chorus out]
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