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Side Show - Private Conversation

An obvious connection

I tried so hard to hide

Couldn't even say it to myself

An obvious connection

I tried to push aside

Into a corner on the darkest shelf

We'll never be alone

And my feelings can't be shown

So I try to imagine and replay

All the things I'll never get to say

You're wrapped up with another

Tangled and entwined

I invent a separation

In the private conversation in my mind

I resolve to say it all

Then I hem and haw and stall

For how could I come clean or confide

Someone else is always at your side

I want

I want

I want to tell you

I want

I want

To get you alone

I need

I need

I need to tell you

I want you for my own

If we could steal a moment

Would you be so inclined

To accept an invitation

To the private conversation in my mind

Terry imagines Daisy walking towards him, without Violet...


What do you want to say to me, Terry?

Tell me, this is your chance

What do you need to say to me, Terry?

Does is concern romance?

Here I am

All alone

Yours to take

Smooth me out

Calm me down

Stop the ache

Don't hold back

Don't hold off

Hold me tight

Don't object

Let's connect

Let's unite


But you can't lose your shadow

That tie you can't unbind


You've made us all alone now


All alone, but only in my mind


A mind is very private

We often meet in mind

Let me show you what we do there

The way we kiss

The way we intertwine

I want

I want

I want to show you


Show me what?


I want to show you desite

The heat

The flames


I'm burning for you


I know you are on fire

Why not be bold?

I'm crazy about you

I say it with every glance

My arms are cold and lazy without you

Come on, why don't we dance?

They dance...


I want

I want

I want to keep you


Keep me where?


I want you all for my own

My own

My own


You have to share me


Oh no, I want you alone

Daisy goes back with Violet...


I imagine us so well

How you'd dance and taste and smell

I can imagine me with you

But I don't have the guts to follow through

You're one half of a couple

That's how you are defined

And my only consolation

Is the private conversation in my mind

Terry leaves, and Buddy enters to perform a song on the radio...

On The Road
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