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Side Show - Tunnel Of Love


We're on a mid-way

A Texas-sized playground

Lots of diversion around

We need distraction

Without too much action

Let me show you a quiet spot I've found

Let me take you to the Tunnel of Love

Dark and relaxing inside

All of us could share the Tunnel of Love

Please come along for the ride

We need a break from the push and the shove

Work has us preoccupied

Buddy & Terry:

We can relax in the Tunnel of Love

Please come along


I'll come along


I'll come along

Buddy, Terry, Daisy, Violet:

For the ride

We're going down to the Tunnel of Love

We'll get a boat and embark

Water below and blackness above


We'll be alone, Daisy


Like we're alone, honey

Daisy & Violet:

Almost alone in the dark

Buddy, Terry, Daisy and Violet get on the Tunnel of Love ride,

where they discover how they truly feel about each other...


Dreamed of being close

Now I'm pressing against his side

Do I dare to make an advance?

He's not made a move

Should I swallow my girlish pride?

This could be my only chance


Out there in the spotlight

Never had a doubt I want her

Why do I feel panic

Down here in the dark?

Violet, I love you

Thought that love would lead to passion

Passion should be private

Me and you

But I know she's here too


I had planned to keep the temperature cool

She's raising my Fahrenheit

Don't let passion rule you

Don't be a fool

Don't feel that appetite

Oh what the hell - why fight?


What is going on?

Why don't Buddy's kisses feel divine?

Why do Daisy's shivers run down my spine?

Much more passion on her side than mine

Buddy's tame

Daisy's aflame

Buddy, Terry, Daisy, Violet:

Secrets of the dark

Secrets of love

Longing to be satisfied

Though no one can see in the Tunnel of Love

There's not a place I can hide


Terry's on fire

All the heat I've been praying for


I can't even try to pretend


He has no desire


These are sins I'll be paying for


I hope this never will end

Lost in the darkness

The boat that I am floating in

Feels like it's flying through space


I want to lose myself

All the thoughts of who I am

Here in his private embrace


I think I might sink

Edging close to the brink

Of a dangerous steep waterfall

Or am I not moving at all?


All alone now

No one is watching us

Why not climb over the wall?

Take me and give me your all


Groping my way

Towards an unstated goal

Don't know where I'm going

But feels like I've been there before


Shouldn't you take the lead?

Shouldn't I follow?

Shouldn't you fill the need?

My heart is hollow


I know you are ready

I'm on the right track

No stopping now

No turning back


I want what she's got

What I'm feeling she's got

Everything he's not yet feeling with me


I am yours

You are mine

It's a sin

It's divine

So divine


I want mine

Where is mine?

Daisy and Terry kiss, while Violet and Buddy just sit there confused...


Secrets of the dark

Secrets of love

Longing to be satisfied

Though no one can see in the Tunnel of Love

There's not a place you can hide

The ride ends, and Buddy, Terry, Daisy and Violet get off...


Was this a mistake - The Tunnel of Love?

Passion could not be controlled


How can we forget the Tunnel of Love?


Why was I left feeling cold?


I found my dream in the Tunnel of Love

Will it continue outside?

Buddy, Terry, Daisy, Violet:

Now that we're out of the Tunnel of Love

Gotta get off

Gotta get off

Gotta get off

This ride

This ride

This ride

It's the day of the wedding, and outside there are hawkers selling souvenirs...
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