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Side Show - When I'm By Your Side

Daisy & Violet:

You are my favorite new playmate

I love the fun you provide

A song and a laugh

Are better by half

When I'm by your side

Happy to be your companion

Glad that I qualified

I feel as grand as the canyon

When I'm by your side

People stop dead when they've seen us

We take their staring in stride

Can't fit a needle between us

When I'm by your side

We're an unusual duo

Don't always swim with the tide

But who needs a boat?

I'm always afloat

When I'm by your side

They do a dance that Buddy taught to them...

Daisy & Violet:

I like what I duo can do

The combination is greater

Than the sum of its parts

Should we cement this arrangement?

Now that it's tested and tried

We're such a tight weave

I don't want to leave

We make a matched set

A perfect duet

Like eggs on a ham

Like twins to Siam

I'm by your side

Their friends applaud wildly, but The Boss hears them...

The Boss:

What the hell is all this racket?!

I might have known.

What are you all doing here?


They came to hear us sing.

The Boss:



We can sing

We did sing

The Boss:

You girls back to your trailer!


Don't tell us what to do

The Boss:

You girls are asking for it!


We're not asking for anything


We're leaving the sideshow

The Boss:

Well, we'll see about that.

Get out of my way, Jake!


You get out of my way or you get out of this sideshow!

Have you all lost your minds?

I will fire the lot of you!


And put yourself on display?

The Boss:

So this is the thanks I get?

Giving you food and shelter in this depression.

Roustabout #4:


Roustabout #3:

Ramshackled trailers

Roustabout #2:


Stale bread and slop

Roustabout #1:

And you charge us for those

Take it our of our pay

The Boss:

I give you jobs!

Roustabout #3:

We do our jobs

You take the gates

Roustabout #1:

We hold our tounges

Roustabout #2:

While you berate and scorn

Roustabout #4:

And treat us wrong


We've had enough

We won't go on

You better change

Or we'll be gone

And leave you high and dry


Or do you want to say goodbye?


Say goodbye to the freak show

To your singular source of dough

If you push too hard

While you hit too low

Say goodbye to the freak show


The Boss:

I've spent a lifetime in sideshows

I can spot a con a mile away

When that snake in a suit sheds his skin

All they'll have is hell to pay

I'm one of you

And now our enterprise

Is less than before

So we need each other more

Down the road we've got a show to do

Tomorrow we play a new site

All of us could use some rest

So I will say goodnight

The Boss leaves...
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