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Spider Man - What We're All About (Sum 41)

Never the less am I dressed for the occasion,

it`s number 32 now here`s the situation.

If the beat moves your feet then don`t change the station.

Pack you bags cuz we`re leavin on a permanent vacation.

Well, I`m a disaster, a micro phone master.

Put on the tape and rock the ghetto blaster.

It`s not about spendin money at hotels and resorts,

it`s about sweatin on the bitches in the biker shorts.

I`m Hot Choclate and you see me runnin late

cuz I`m always makin time to make your girly feel great.

And I`m Bizzy D from way down town I know how to rock a mic

like the king and his crown.

When I`m on top I`m gonna ball back booty hustlin deals like Mickey Moncotie.

When I wake up I like a pound of beacon,

start off the day with my arteries shakin.

Rock, it`s what we`re all about,

it`s what we live for come on shout it out {x4}

See me in 3d I`m comin line-in direct with a dialect most men in science can`t disect.

Thoughts interwoven and letters interlocked sellout fiend to blow off steam

and get my cream.

Sum 41 gettin wild, I get frantic.

Every time we spin it the world panics.

I may have lost my mind but I ain`t flew the coop,

Sum 41 just ain`t about a loop.

Ring aling ding dong tick tock shit,

it`s all about that, and maybe all about rock
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