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That's So Raven Too - Jump In (Raven)

Oooooo yea!

C'mon C'mon C'mon

tick tock(jump,jump)tick tock (jump,jump in)

jumpin,let the party rock

Verse 1


you chillin on the

Side (why you on the side?)

Ooo it's kinda tight

c'mon and join the



check out and be


The song is gonna


What I'm trynna say

We're gonna celebrate

Don't hesistate and tear my holiday


Get the party jumpin jumpin

you can be the start of sumthing

get on the floor and dance some more

no need to hold back now

Get the party jumpin jumpin

All you got to do is one thing

Enjoy yourself

I know you will

and I'm gonna show you how
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