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That's So Raven Too - Supernatural (Raven) (too! Mix)




[1st Verse]

Did you see a shooting star,

Cross the sky spectacular (yeah)

On the front by mile,

Radiating crazy style,

The universe comes to me,

I can make it look so easy,

Like a rare phenomenon,

You can see today but I see beyond


When I get this feelin',

Somethings about to happen,

Without any reason,

It's Supernatural,

Some people call me crazy,

Somethings ther's no explaining,

Just belive what you see,

It's Supernatural

(Uh Oh Uh Uh Oh)


You got the floor go the mic;

Livin' in this double life,

Welcome to another world

Magic sista' super girl,

Don't know how I do what I do,

But I can make it all come true,

Got the skills,

Got the touch,

Got the sense,

I'm takin' off,


Maybe super human,

Maybe super strange,

Like a force of nature,

A hurricane,

Why does it matter,

Where I got it from,

Got my power on,

And I'm goin',

Goin' gone!

It's real what you feel,

Oh yeah yeah,

(Oh oh oh)


It's supernatural
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