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Titanic (Musical) - In Every Age (Reprise)/ Finale


Fare thee well

May the Lord who watches all

Watch over thee

May God's heaven be your blanket

As you softly sleep...


Softly sleep...

In every age mankind attempts

To fabricate great works

At once magnificent

And impossible...

On desert sands, from mountains of stone

A pyramid!

From flying buttresses alone

A wall of light!

A chapel ceiling

Screaming one man's ecstasy!

One man's ecstasy...

Miracles them all!

China's endless wall...

Stonehenge, The Parthenon, The Duomo

The aqueducts of Rome

We did not attempt to make

With mammoth blocks of stone

A giant pyramid

No, not a pyramid...

Nor gothic walls that radiate with light...


Our task was to dream upon

And then create

A floating city!


Floating city!...


A human metropolis...

A complete civilization!


And fast!

At once a poem

And the perfection

Of physical engineering...

At once a poem

And the perfection

Of physical engineering...

Sail on, sail on

Great ship Titanic!

Cross the open sea

Pray the journey's sound

Till your port be found

Fortune's winds

Sing Godspeed to thee...

Fortune's winds

Sing Godspeed

To thee!
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