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Titanic (Musical) - The 1st Class Roster


Colonel John Jacob Astor

And Mrs. Astor, too.

Arriving now from the boat train

Direct from Waterloo station

May procced to their parlour suite



Her name is Madeleine

She's John Jacob Astor's second wife,

She's only nineteen-years-old

And now she's married to a prominent man

Worth over a hundred and fifty million

And twenty-nine years her senior!

They've only been married seven months

She's already seven months pregnant

And the scandal was such

They ran away to Europe to avoid the publicity!

Avoid the publicity!


Mr. and Mrs. Isidor Straus may proceed to Parlour Suite B-55!-


Aren't they modest?

You'd never think by looking at them

That he and his brother own Macy's Department store...

Own Macy's Department store


And he was very close advisor

To President Grover Cleveland

And served in the House of Representatives

Two full terms!

And that's his wife of forty years, named Ida

Sad! She hasn't been well

So the two of them have been wintering

On the French Riviera

French Riviera!


Mr. Benjamin Guggenheim and party will find his customary

suite on "A" deck!


Made his money by smelting gold

Spends it like water

Forty-five hundred dollars for

The Louis Quatorze suite!

So he can live in luxurious sin

With his latest mistress!

And they call that justice!

They call that justice?...


Mr. and Mrs. George Widener may proceed to Promenade Suite b-51!


He's the richest man in Philadelphia


Mr. and Mrs. John B. Thayer and family, Promenade Suite B-58!


Vice-President of the Pennsylvania Railroad!


Mrs. Charlotte Drake Cardoza, Suite B-54!


No one really knows who she is

But the newspaper says she booked

The most expensive suite on the ship

And travels with fourteen steamer trunks

A medicine chest

Her personal pillows and sheets

And four little Pekinese dogs...

So she must be somebody!

She must be somebody!...


Last call for boarding!

This is the very last call for boarding!


Lift up the ramp

Let go the lines

Raise up her colours and designs!

Prepare for casting off

And through the port we'll slip

Each person standing at the rail,

Let one great thought prevail,

One single prayer...

God bless this noble ship!


All ashore who are going ashore!

All ashore who are going ashore!
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