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Veronica Mars - Sway (The Perishers)

I talk to you as to a friend

I hope that's what you've come to be

It feels as though we've made amends

Like we found a way eventually

It was you who picked the pieces up

When I was a broken soul

And then glued me back together

Returned to me what others stole

I don't wanna hurt you

I don't wanna make you sway

Like I know I've done before

I will not do it anymore

I've always been a dreamer

I've had my head among the clouds

Now that I'm coming down

Won't you be my solid ground?

I look at you and see a friend

I hope that's what you wanna be

Are we back now where it all began

Have you finally forgiven me?

You gathered my dreams in

When they all blew away

And then tricked them back into me

You saved me I was almost dead
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