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Yentl - No Matter What Happens


Look at how she looks at me,

I can never look at her that way...

Full of all the feelings and the soft

Unspoken words that lovers say...

In all the words, in all the books

I wish there were a way to say that

What she’s taught me

Isn’t written anywhere

And I'm supposed to be the one

Who’s wise...

One thing is certain,

I can never be what she

Expects of me...

I’ve wanted the shadows,

I don’t anymore.

No matter what happens,

I won't anymore

I've run from the sunlight-

Afraid it saw too much.

The moon had the one light

I bathed in-

I walked in.

I held in my feelings

And closed every door.

No matter what happen.

I can't anymore.

There's someone who must hear

The words I've never spoken.

Tonight if he were here

My silence would be broken.

I need him to touch me-

To know the love that's in my heart-

The same heart that tells me

To see myself-

To free myself-

To be myself at last!

For too many mornings

The curtains were drawn.

It's time they were opened

To welcome the dawn.

A voice deep inside

Is getting stronger,

I can't keep it quiet any longer.

No matter what happens,

It can't be the same anymore...

I promise it won't be the same

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