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Yentl - No Wonder (Part I)

No wonder he loves her,

No wonder at all.

The moment she sees him,

Her thought is to please him.

Before he even knows that he's hunger

She's already there with his plate.

Before his glass is even empty

She's filling it up God forbid he should wait!

Before he has the chance to tell her

He's chilly, she’ll go put a log on the fire

Fulfilling his every desire-

No trouble...No bother.

No wonder she's pretty,

What else should she be

She hasn't a worry,

And why should she worry

When she gets up her biggest decision

Is figuring out what to wear.

To pick a blouse, a skirt,

And then there's the problem of what

Should she do with her hair.

And later as she stands and studies

A chicken, the question’s "to roast

Or to not roast"

Or better yet may be a pot roast?

Tomatoes? No... Potatoes?

No wonder he likes it-

It’s perfect this way

Who wouldn’t want someone

Who fusses and flatters?

Who makes you feel that you’re all that matters?

Whose only aim in life is to serve you

And make you think she doesn’t deserve you?

No wonder he loves her-

What else could he do?

If I were a man, I would too!
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