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Yentl - No Wonder (Part Ii)

No wonder she suits him,

She never disputes him.

The conversation’s not too exciting

But oh, what a change it must be!

To spend an evening where there's

'No conversation must be a relief after me

And though there's nothing much

To challenge your mind here,

Who cares when the food’s so delicious

'Not to mention these beautiful dishes-

A matched set- from France yet

No wonder he loves her,

No wonder to me

With ribbons and laces

In all the right places,

I must admit it’s all very pleasant

And this is a comfortable room

And if he likes the smell of lilacs and roses

Then maybe he likes her perfume

And though her silky hair

And milky complexion are nice

Still they’re not that distracting

So what accounts for the way he’s been acting?

Her softness?

Her sweetness?

How could he resist her

And why would he try?

No wonder he wants her,

He needs her,

He loves her,

No wonder...

So would I!
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