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Yentl - The Way He Makes Me Feel

There’s no chill and yet I shiver

There’s no flame and yet I burn

I’m not sure what I’m afraid of

And yet I’m trembling

There's no storm yet I hear thunder.

And I'm breathless, why I wonder?

Weak one moment,

Then the next I'm fine.

I feel as if 1'm falling every time

I close my eyes

And flowing through my body

Is a river of surprise.

Feelings are awakening

I hardly' recognize as mine!

What are all these new sensations?

What's the secret they reveal?

I'm not sure I understand

But I like the way I feel.

Oh, why is it that every time

I close my eyes he's there?

The water shining on his skin,

The sunlight in his hair?

And all the while I'm thinking things

That I can never share with him.

I'm a bundle of confusion

Yet it has a strange appeal.

Did it all begin with him,

And the way he makes me feel

I like the way he makes me feel...
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