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Yentl - Tomorrow Night

Look at me-I must be absolutely crazy!

How did 1 ever let it get this far?

Look at me! I'm getting deeper into trouble.

Am I woman or a man?

Am I a devil or a demon?

Papa was right!

I ask too many questions.

He said a soul can get perplexed-

I can't believe what happens next!

Papa was right!

It seems this little game I play

Becomes more risky every day!

Tomorrow night, tomorrow night...

Under the canopy

I'll stand with her tomorrow night!

And place a ring upon her hand

With her all dressed in white

Tomorrow night

I don’t know how this came about

But I'll be wed without a doubt.

Oh, my God, I've got to get out!

Look at this-The way one lie begets another

Somebody wake me up and say

It’s all a dream!

(Look at this!)

Look how easily I fool them

They may have eyes but they don’t see

They never really look at me

People are blind!

How else would everyone believe me?

It might be interesting to know

Just how much further I can go

Tomorrow night, tomorrow night...

I can’t believe what I’ll presume to be

Tomorrow night,

I'm not the bride but I'm the groom to be

Tomorrow night,

And that's a monumental trick

I'd better think of something quick

(Oh, my God, I'm feeling sick!

I could run away

I could leave without a trace,

Go anywhere or any place

Where no one knows my face.

As a woman or a man?

I don't know just so I can

Run away-run away!

I'd be free-I'd be rid of all of this

But there’s someone I would miss

And being near him is what this is all about!

So running away is out!

Papa dear, you dreamed of dancing

At my wedding;

But something tells me that I'm right

You wouldn't want to dance tonight!

Isn't this a strangely logical solution?

Things may not be as they appear

But the advantages are clear:

He loves her-she loves him

He likes me-I like her

And I've reasons to think she likes me.

She keeps him-he keeps her

I keep things as they were

It's a perfect arrangement for three!

Who'd have ever predicted

The moment would come

When I’d find myself grateful

They’ve kept women dumb!

She's an innocent maiden

But then so am I!

That’s why it's possible I could get by.

Look, I’ve seen the impossible happen before,

So maybe, God willing, it'll happen once more.

For I feel like a train on a perilous track.

With no way to stop and no way to go back.

Like a snowball that’s gathering speed down a hill,

Going faster and faster and faster until...

Tomorrow night, tomorrow night...

Even if someone would pray for me

Tomorrow night,

There's not a prayer

That they could say for me

Tomorrow night,

Tomorrow night, tomorrow night...

Tomorrow night...is now tonight!
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