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Yentl - Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way?

Look at how he looks at her

Will someone ever I look at me that way-

Full of all the feelings and the soft

Unspoken words that lovers say?

I thought that I knew ev'ry single

Look and sweet expression on his face,

Yet this is one that I don't recognize,

Although I've sat and studied him for hours.

But now I see how love completely occupies

A pair of' eyes...

See the way' they gaze at her,

Like slaves they follow every where she goes.

Do my eyes forget themselves

And do I ever look at him

And smile in such a way

That what I'm feeling shows?

Sometimes I have the feeling

Everybody knows...

And even though it's crazy,

Still I can't help wondering

If I'll ever live to see the day

When by some miracle of miracles,

He'll turn around

And look at me that way!