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You're a Good Man Charlie Brown - T-e-a-m (The Baseball Game)


Gimme a "T"!




Gimme an "E"!




Gimme a "A"!




Gimme a "M"!




What've you got?



There is no team like the best team

Whis is our team right here.

We will show you we're the best team

Of the very Little League this year

And in no time We'll be big time

With the Big League baseball stars.

For all we have to do is win just one more game

And the championship is ours.


Dear Pen pal...

You'll never guess what happened today

At the baseball game.

It's hard to believe, what happened today

At the baseball game.

I was the manager, Schroeder was catcher

And all of the team was the same as always

But somehow or other disaster struck

At the baseball game.

Huddle up!


I got it!


I got it!


I got it!


Woof woof woof!

[LUCY (to Charlie Brown)]

I thought you had it


Three balls, two strikes,

The bases were loaded with two men out

I pitched my curve, but somehow they hit it

A good strong clout

"Lucy" I hollered, "It's coming right to you"-

She caught it as easy as pie-- then dropped it.

I don't think it's good for a team's morale

To see their manager cry.

Snoopy helped out by biting the runner

And catching the ball in his teeth;

Linus caught flies from a third-story window

By holding his blanket beneath.

yes, we had fortitude,

no one could argue with that.

And one run would win us the game

As I came up to bat.


All right, Charlie Brown, we're all behind you-sort of.

I mean this man can't pitch. He pitches like my grandmother,

Charlie Brown. Now all you have to is bear down, just bear

down- and when you get on first, watch for my signals.


Go Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown-

There is no team

Like the best team

Which is our team

Right here

We will show you

We're the best team

In the very Little League this year

An in no time we'll be big time

With the Big League baseball stars

For all we have to do is

Win just one more game...


...And the championship is ours!!

[OTHERS (echoing)]

Ours! Ours! Ours!


Two me were on with two outs and me

With one strike to go

[OTHERS (whispered)]

One strike... One Strike...


Then I saw her- this cute little

Red-headed girl I know

Firmly I vowed I would win it for her

And I shouldered my bat and I swung...




Dear pen pal, I'm told where you live

Is really quite far

Would you please send directions

On how I can get where you are?

Your friend, Charlie Brown
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