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You're a Good Man Charlie Brown - The Kite


Little more speed, little more rope,

Little more wind, little more hope,

Gotta get this stupid kite to fly.

Gotta make sure it doesn't snag

Doesn't droop, doesn't drag

Gotta watch out for ev'ry little- whoops!

Little less speed, little more tack,

Little less rise, little more slack,

Gotta keep my wits about me now.

Gotta make sure it doesn't get the nest of me

Till I get it in the air somehow.

Millions of little kids do it ev'ry day

They make a kite and-"poof"- it's in the sky.

Leave it to me to have the one fool kite

Who likes to see a little kid cry.

Little less talk, little more skill,

Little less luck, little more will,

Gotta face this fella eye to eye.

Now that I've seen you chasing moles,

Climbing trees, digging holes,

Catching your string on everything passing by

Why not fly?

Wait a minute,

What's it doing?

It isn't on the ground.

It isn't in a tree.

It's in the air!

Looat at that.

It's caught the breeze now,

It's past the trees now

With room to spare...


What a beautiful sight.

And I'm not such a clumsy guy.

If I really try

I can really

Fly a ki-
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