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Zanna, Don't! - 'tis A Far, Far Better Thing I Do (Jai Rodriguez)


Let's see I know it's in here somewhere..ok here we are..

Heterosexuals,How to make the world safe for heterosexuals

Warning! Side effects may include:

Nausea,headaches, Detireration of taste and style?

And loss of memory and this spell may case permanent loss of magical power in the practitioner.

Nothing done out of love can ever do us harm.

Tis a far,far better thing I do, than I have ever done.

Tis a far,far better world I make, well different from this one.

It make take every ounce of magic, every power in my soul.

And I dont know where this will all lead.

I trust the love of know.

Tis a far,far better thing I do, than I have done before.

Tis a brave new world I make that lies for us.

And the other lived no more.
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