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Zanna, Don't! - Zanna's Song (Jai Rodriguez)


And night falls once again on our sleepy little town,

Bringing to an end another perfect day in Heartsville.

And for whatever lucky listener who still happens be awake, this is Tank, signin' off...


Time to hit the hay

After workin' hard all day.

Another job well done,

Another battle won.

Leading the crusade

For love, love, love.

My feet are awfully sore.

My back's about to break.

But it's for love, love, love,

So it's the sacrifice I make.

Hey, Cindy...

Oh, great work today, my friend,

I think we found each lonely soul,

and paired it with another,

making empty hearts now whole.

Steve and Mike check.

Kate and Roberta ' done.

Zanna and' ' Wait.

Where did that come from?

Now I've no interest in love,

It's for everybody else.

Love is my duty,

And I could not do it well

If I myself would get involved

And fall under its spell.

Fairy tales don't happen by magic

there's gotta be somebody waving that wand.

And if I stopped for just one day,

how would life go on'

It's so great bringing people together

there's nothing I'd rather do.

I've got friends all around this wonderful town,

and best of all, I've got you.

What's that'... You've met someone special' That's great!

...And you're migrating to Fort Lauderdale ...

Yes, of course I understand.

You were meant to fall in love, just like everyone else on this earth.

Yes, I'll be fine. Now you go on.

Fly, fly, fly...

People were meant to build a home,

birds were meant to build a nest,

and until each creature's found its mate,

the magic will never rest.

Yes, of course, I'll read you a story.

Which one will it be tonight

Cinderella' Again

Oh, all right...

Once upon a time,

there lived a maiden fair...

Great shoes, Cinderella.

Maybe I'll get a pair...

and they all lived happily ever after.
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