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Brothers - Sexy Girl

You, give me a thrill

I lose my self-control

when you are near

you sexy girl... x4

I'm not drunk

i'm over joy,

since you wash away the pain

With you life became so good

'cause love ain't so easy to find..

Restless nights,

thinking of you,

let my troubles in the past

all I need is give and take,

'cause love ain't so easy to find..

You've got emotion

your love is like the ocean

my heart's on fire

I feel this great desire... x4

Hold me tight,

I won't let you go

every single breath you take.

reach my senses deep inside

'cause love ain't so easy to find

Like a child

you play with fuel,

Girl I love the way you talk

nothing matters when you're near

'cause love ain't so easy to find
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