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Danijay - Vampires

----------INTRO GIOKOSA-----------
Tonight they walk,they come
they're walkin' through the fire
the fire, vampires, the fire
incoming and I feel strong, never in a fire

tonight the vampires they're walkin' through the fire
incoming and I feel strong never in a fire

vampires, the fire, tonight

-----------Prima parte------------

I fear every day and night
well I flow in this empty space
sometimes I fear in this space invaders
or we'd not have come but ask me to serve out the night

they're coming down,surrender,why another strongest
over there some days I'm searching to find the morning and make it full time

I'll make a lie, another mean
and they are stronger
every day I'm serving my will makin mistake

(Grazie a Peppe e Claudio per questo testo)