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2 Play - So Confused

Well I know we just met yesterday

But things feel oh so right

Cause you always know just what to say

And what is on my mind

Well I feel I need a special way

To ask you to be mine

But I dont know when's the perfect day

Or whats the perfect time

Babe you leave me confused

Dont know if I

should let you know or wait it out girl

Wish I knew just what to do

Im so confused


So girl what you wanna see

Wanna see me get down on my knees

Wanna hear me begging baby please

Wanna hear me crying for mercy

Oh girl I wish I knew your world

I think im losing my head over you

Every bone in my body says I want you tonight

Pretty little hunny, why you there by my side

With your Hale Berry face and you Beyonce thighs

With you Juxci want to collide


Bump all night long with you sexy little waist

Come girl, come along,

wanna make love to you from dusk til dawn

Well I know that it maybe too soon

to know just what you'd like

But I wana know what you've been thru,

what you want from life

Its so real the way I feel so true,

its been so hard to find

Wanna now how you feel for me too,

so I can make up my mind

Babe you leave me confused

Dont know if I should let you know or wait it out girl

Wish I knew just what to do

I'm so confused

(Repeat Chorus)

Well someone once told me that you'd end up lonely

Dont let love ever pass you by

Coz I've seen it happen to people

that mattered to me with my very own eyes

Maybe they were mistaken

And I should be waiting, for you to show me a sign

Or should I just let you know that if I let you go,

Id wonder the rest of my life

[Repeat Chorus]

To be or not to be, that is the question

I dont know what to do Im in a state of confusion

All I want from you is your love and affection

Is this love real or just an illusion?

[Repeat Chorus x 2]
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