Coffee Boredom And Cigarettes Testo

Testo Coffee Boredom And Cigarettes

Monday morning, 7am. I'm ready for a new week on wheels
The first thing I do in the morning is to light a cigarette, then some coffee,
And of course the news, It's not anything special, it's a ritual of mine.
Then I'm on my way to the citadel.
I'm a taxi drive
And my job is to bring all kinds of people from point a to point b
Some of them just found love; and others have lost it, but even worst, most of them will never find it.
A couple of day's ago I picked up this guy at 3-11 porter
He had this Nosferatu look in his eyes. His eyes were underground.
I think one day I'm gonna quit this job and move far away to Hawaii, or Tahiti
Someplace nice and tropical and warm.
Sit on the beach, drink mai tais, get a job in a Hawaiian band, play the ukulele
Heck, I don't know, dance the hula. Maybe I'll open up a little coffee bar on the beach. Sit back and just watch the boys go by.
Anything to get out of this city, anything.
Well in this city all kind of people find a home or a hole
The funniest ones , they're the daydreamers who think they are on a mission
To save the earth from all kind of disasters and tragedies,
And the cool people (cool?) well, they seem to think that they own the night
Maybe they do, I'm not gonna argue
Some people seem to be to deep into religion
They see signs of forthcoming hell everywhere, and tell you, beware
(Coffee, Boredom & Cigarettes)
It's been raining for days; the streets have turned into wild rivers
The neon lights shimmer in the night
And they all seek home at the waterfront
But me, I seek pleasure in coffee and cigarettes
Sometimes I meet sorrow, there was this girl she had this emptiness surrounding her, like she needed a ride to an unknown place of happiness, far away
See that guy on the corner? He told me about his best friend
He said he used to hang out with Jesus, but Jesus had gone straight
Well if you ask me the whole city has gone to hell
Straight to hell
The only good thing about this city is summer. It's a babe watch
And that's just what I need right now is some babes to watch
I mean, life has been miserable since my boyfriend freaked out and left me.
Maybe I should dress cool, go to one of them fancy nightclubs
And find the man of my dreams
Yeah, the man of my dreams