Level 04: Flight Of The Veritech Fighters Testo

Testo Level 04: Flight Of The Veritech Fighters

We need to scramble the squadrons,
Vermillion and Skull.
Zentraedi forces are on our scanners.
They're damaging the hull.
The SDF-1 won't last much longer.
It's time to take control.
We got a fresh supply of ammo,
And our gas tanks are full.
Captain! We're under heavy fire!
We're outnumbered, launch the back-up.
Why won't you reply?
Captain! They're all over the sky!
I'll stay and fight, 'til they're all gone,
'cause I'm too young to die.
Gloval says it's time to go,
To the abandoned base on Mars.
We've lost contact with Commander Hayes,
So search the base, find her, and fly away.
Through the skies of fire.
My Valkyrie flies higher.
We're almost home,
And I love to fly my Veritech Fighter.