Can I Talk 2 U? Testo

Testo Can I Talk 2 U?

Can I talk 2 you, cause I wanna rock with you, Oooh, can I roll wit you
Maybe we can take a minute or two, just to kick it for a few
What you wanna do, tell me what you wanna do, I really wanna Know you

Watchin you as you move on the dance floor, Oooh ooh,
Somethin about the way you do, what you do
Got me wantin to see more of you, the smile on your face
Can we hook up after we leave this place
Wassup for the night boo, can I talk 2 U, Oooh

I don't normally push like this
But I'm feelin what I'm seeing,and I can't resist it
Something drawing me more, into you
(Adrienne) you don't, want to figure it
I see it in your eyes, you can't deny it
I really wanna know can I talk 2 U, Ooh oh


Maybe it's the, way you move that thang
Maybe it's your smile that's drivin' me insane
I didn't mean to offend you
I'm just interested in you, I wanna get 2 know U
Can I talk 2 u, I really wanna know you