When You Cry Testo

Testo When You Cry

Highschool crush so true. I wish I could have told you. I've waited too long. I finally did one night. I asked you to dance and you laughed in my face. Then to make it worse, on went the lights. When your heart breaks I'll be there to laugh in your face, like you did to me. When you're moping down the stairs
I'll be there to push you. Maybe you'll land on your head. I hope that your heart breaks every time someone looks at you. I hope you always feel how I felt that night when you made me lower than the dirt on your shoes. I heard you wanted to apologize, but two words don't wipe out six years. And I never will let you forget it. And every night I hope you cry out your eyes. Every time I saw you, I felt nauseous. And I still do.
Every time you cry, it makes my day. I hope you're crying right now. (Every time it makes my day.)