Dick In Ha Mouf Testo

Testo Dick In Ha Mouf

Danny, I see you
Okay, let's go, what? (H E A L)
Okay, let’s go (Lil Uzi)

What, uh, woah, uh
I can make your lil' bitch blow, uh
I can pull out with the pole, uh
I can pull up, I just know (Let's go)
My diamonds, they hit like the pole (Pew)
Uh, no, uh, all to the south (Blow)
I told that bitch put the shit in her mouth (In her mouth)
Hit from the back, made that bitch just say ouch (Wow)
Uh, seven thousand for my bedsheets
Hit her on the couch, yeah
Older one take that route (Pssh)
I’ma show you what I'm about, uh (Let's go)
Slime gang, wipe my snout, yeah (My snout)
I fuck on that bitch, had her spouse (Let's go)
I'm smokin', I'm high on a cloud, uh (A cloud)
I do not do this shit for clout (I don't)
Yeah, dick in her mouth, uh (In her mouth)
I made that bitch wanna pout, yeah
Rockin’ Dior with the Prada (Woah)
I got that Heron that never come out, uh
Preston impressed with my jeans
I had to get Off-White for my whole team
Yeah, we can go through your whole team
And it’s crazy 'cause we only four deep (It’s crazy)

Championship ring on, I won
Eat up my drip, he the oldest one (Eat it up)
I'm mixin' Valentino with the Vuitton
All this water on my neck, I look like a pond
I got three bitches like I'm Owen Hart (Three bitches)
And my glasses, they made by Chrome Heart
I got rich, now I fill up a shopping cart (Hahaha)
Me and Lil Uzi just bought some Audemars (Audemars)
Too many guns, a shootin’ star (Too many)
What the fuck I need a key? I push start (What)
Shawty thick, she shaped like a guitar (Guitar)
Cuban on in Miami, I go bizarre (Cuban link)
Real rich, nigga, rock double R
Forty pointers on my neck, that's a bar
I ain't go to church, I just put on Dior
She a freak, fuck her good, that's my whore

(Hood Baby)
Fully loaded, rockstar (Fully loaded)
We caught 'em creepin', spanked the boy
Can't control fast car (Skrt), lookin' like I ran off
Cut the talkin', air it out (Brr)
Back on his beanie
Back on these Percs, I think I be fiendin' (Bite down)
Smoking on purple herb, you think I'm dreamin'
I pack out the hood like it's an arena (Let's go)
They talkin' diamond water, Aquafina (Diamond)
I'm in the jungle, nigga, like I'm Rio (Slatt)
Stuff up my pockets fat like a kilo (Slime)
These niggas undercover talkin' pillow (Hood Baby)
Hell nah, bitch, that ain't my steelo
(Hold up, let's go)
Slatt Gotit bon' shoot, it's a free throw (Slatt Gotit)
I look out for all of my people (God)
They got me the ball, now I'm dunkin'
They can't have my hand, not a monkey
Can't put that ho down, she was teasin' (Bitch)
Got drip runnin' down to my knees (Drip)
I'm still gettin' this bread with the cheese (Let's go)
I'm outta here, been had the keys (I'm outta here)
I can't be stuntin', bitch, she get a tease (I know)
I might just pull up, let her out on Bleveland (Slime)