Ladies And Gentlemen Testo

Testo Ladies And Gentlemen

[Intro: 9th Prince]
Ladies & gentlemen, introducing, the 9th Prince
Ladies & gentlemen, uh-huh, introducing
One of the greatest of all time, when he spit his rhyme
Everybody give a warm welcome and clap your hands for the 9th Prince

[9th Prince:]
Aiyo, my Dirty Weaponry, keep money bags Mighty Healthy
Pockets looking wealthy, turning down offers
These weak niggas try to sell me, rap felonies
Shotgun melodies, suicide bombers like Israelis
The man, attack like I'm half black and half Pakistan
Killa in a '09 bulletproof Lex Coupe
While you, looking stupid on the stoupe
I used to rhyme on project roofs
Me and my Killa crew, spitting bars all night
Til the break of light go through, yeah, my next album
Uh-huh, starting the revolution, ladies & gentlemen
Introducing, the 9th Prince, get loosing
Tell a friend, to protest against weak musicians
My biggest inspiration, is The RZA
His mind is greater than Einstein, my rhyme
Give eyesight to the blind, and heal the paralyzer anytime

[Interlude: 9th Prince]
Ladies & gentlemen, next up
He's an all-time legend, introducing
Gate Keeper

I build with conviction, deadly nutrition
When you walk back and get smacked in position
Capture good reason, teach us to practice
Attack us, still round the pole off it's axis
Pull with the thunder, sit back and wonder
Pray for the lochness, offense and blockers
Niggas get washed and raped
Gate Keep, nigga, you know who I run with

[Outro: 9th Prince]
The 9th Prince, yeah, the 9th Prince
The 9th Prince, the 9th Prince