Respect, Pride And Freedom Testo

Testo Respect, Pride And Freedom

Do you understand just how meaningless they are? The flags and the military's wars. Our government between the hands of this fascist white trash US claws... It's all the same! Assuming state laws is something we can trust and follow until the end, It's still hard to understand why democratic social laws subsist on pre-dictated thoughts, And the upper class's needs. Our welfare is what they're standing for, But in fact it gives them so much more than the power to cut back on our rights, So tell me, where's your common sense, It's all in me! Stop! Don't carry them away, My dreams, my love, my tastes; I have the right to stay and to say FREEDOM! Respect, pride and reason, It's all I want to have, It's all I want to be!!!! Right!?