Violent Offenders Testo

Testo Violent Offenders

Subjected to violence and rape, a women can't disguise her utmost fear of walking alone down a dark street. Her hands shacking while reaching for her keys. As described by government officials : prisons are full and there is only room for violent offenders. A rapist is a violent offender. She's still alive, she's still alive, dying day by day; she's still alive. He killed her dignity, her confidence and her mind. She has died but she's still alive. She can't go out; doors closed, windows blocked. The death she lives is in her head, still facing the fear of it happening again. The moment vividly imprinted in her eyes. She'll never see a man the same. Unless we change the way we act the view she has may be correct. Dedicated to those who lost their lives. Dedicated to those who fought for a change. Dedicated to the victims of rape. We can't change the past, but the future is ours to choose. A rapist is a violent offender.