The Apocolypse Is Going To Be Flippin Beautiful Testo

Testo The Apocolypse Is Going To Be Flippin Beautiful

Your more fashionable when you wear my heart on your teeth. My only fashion statement is wearing your mascara on my finger tips, and I cant even look at you right now. Slow down darling you make love like an expert. I can tell you've done this before, or somebody's been practicing. Yea, someone's been practicing. Familiarity. I've dance this dance before. Your getting better at denial. You don't win friends with secrets. Laugh it up. I'm getting good at this. Look what you have become. Don't thank me, its useless unless you us it. What are you waiting on? Its your move. Hey hotel floor, its been a while. We really should keep in touch. Now only I remain. The sex is better when you fight me. This child needs medical attention.