Iniquity: An Offering Testo

Testo Iniquity: An Offering

How will you measure your value?
I have heard the scholars, they provide no truth.

We've turned away from what we were meant to be,
Trading in conviction for a dollar's worth in dreams.
We've blurred our sight with stagnant eyes,
And then we pass the blame so we can cover up our lies.

New revelations are your new trend. A self-absorbed enlightenment.
Words of worth have become slander and deceit. Open up your eyes.

We were meant for so much more. Have we lost ourselves?
Forged from providence but so far gone. Have we lost ourselves?
I'm not giving up on me.

How easily we mistake chaff for the grain.
We are more than flesh and blood.
Look how far we haven't come.
We've been playing God.

Reveal in us the failings of the ones who walked before us.
Reveal in us, the truth that we all have lost our way.
Reveal in us, our strength because our backs cant hold the weight,
Show us the flaws in everything that we create.
To live walk and breathe. We all want to believe.

But can't we offer up a new song? Can't we offer ourselves?