The House Where You Were Born Testo

Testo The House Where You Were Born

It's like coming back to the house where you were born in- Photographs in the hall from years before.
The window in your brother's room where morning sun would speak to you is covered up with years of dust- It shines no light, gives no view shades are drawn, eyes are turned from sky above.

You've found yourself far from that place you used to love. So paint the walls familiar shades, but the room itself ramains unchanged.

And as you look deep within, you gain the courage to begin: I used to be such a burning inception.
When days ahead seemed as brilliant as morning's light.

Spent my life waiting for the rising sun. But the dawn has come and left me here to find- While I don't recognize who I've become I've grown much farther from the person I once was.
So like the glare out from evening's glow I'll close my eyes and let this go.