Lady In The Water Testo

Testo Lady In The Water

(Written by A Human)

10 - "Remorse"

I sit in a museum, a tribute to faux-pas,
a lifetime of collection, but I'm sitting on death watch.
My lovely, my love, in your chemicals and gauze,
fear not my aberration, fear the end that I have wrought!
And I can't sit long enough, to keep you from my thoughts..
Everyone fears me, the factory, the fences, and the locks.
While the Ivy grows over, while the town is lost,
I check all of your fluids, even though it's a lost cause.
Will they hate me forever, for doing what I have?
For being forced into a decision, I wish I never had?
I wanted to take you back, to have you the way you were,
But I've talked to old man time, and he says "You'll never learn...."
My hand sits on the plug, but it'll never turn.
We were meant to be, love is so hard to earn.
But I won't say good-bye, 'Cuz someday you'll return.
I will see you again, when you are finally un-earthed,
The Scientist