The Sequel Testo

Testo The Sequel

You like the clothes we ripped into (in two)
Beg to be removed
I've got a feeling that they're on to us - Contact
Burning like a cross in a fire
Shadows help to mask your desire
Darkness, like a blessing from below my dear
Is all we need

Something's knocking on the door
Someone's under the floorboards
And somehow I want more
I'm starving...

For the sweet skin of your neck
On the night you finally left
Everything stood still and torn apart
Like a stake right through the heart
In that same way I swear I'll make them pay
They took all I had
Now the time has come
And the night has just begun

Try to make it out alive
And if you think that you'll survive
Then you'll know what it's like to be
Dead wrong
Trapped now,
Secrets in the basement
Revenge so sweet I can taste it
Chaos is a delicate and beautiful thing
And it's all we need

It's just begun