I Will Say Good Bye Testo

Testo I Will Say Good Bye

I will say Good Night to you to this World

one more time for ever I will never lie it’s true

precious Love we have Life together

And when your smile comes down on me

flashing through my window there’ll be no way to feel the pain
’cause I’m

holding on Sign of A Child is what I see Dreaming

on your pillow I’m waiting for tomorrow’s tTrain,,,,

here we go Never let me fly again Night and Day Life goes by by Candles

When I’ll say Good bye to you is the Wind that my Wings can handle

So hurry up make Love to me, smiling through the Raimbow there’ll be no Way to come back

Home hold me on

my little child it’s not the same Dreaming on my pillow is that enough

tomorrow’s Train? I’m waiting for,,,,

I will say Good Bye to you to my Wife to my Son for ever

I will never lie that’s true there will be one more life together.