Time Passes By Mama Not A Ghost Track Testo

Testo Time Passes By Mama Not A Ghost Track

Tell me USA

Wy U R not SmAll like the smAll Town

I was born In

Day and Night I pray, I Cry and Pray

U’ll allow me 2 get in
MamA always said, don’t worry Love,

I’ll B Day and Night by your side

Open Up your Wings, my shiny Dove,

I’m your light and U R my Pride

And Time passes by, Night turns in2 Morning,

Time passes by, down on my Street

People always give U a Number Boy,

I don’t care if U R last or third

U R my Blood, U R my only joy,

I’ll B flying As A Bird

Never Go Away MamA don’t ever leave me Al1

Everytime U Run, sometimes I fall

It reminds me I was young, then I see your Picture on the wall

and I know we have 2 die.